On behalf of all Feline, and Canine Rescues in our program, we wish to thank our sponsors and donors for their generosity and kindness

Chris D., Myrtle Beach, SC
for his generous monetary donations towards vet bills and the spay/neuter program

Gina G., Greenville, SC
for a generous monetary donation for the spay/neuter program.

Laurie, Joseph and their children, Travelers Rest, SC
for a generous in-kind donation of dog and cat food. Our Dogs and Cats say Thank You, for your wonderful gifts of kindness and hope.

Karen C., Hazelwood, MO
for a generous monetary donation towards the shelter equipment
Penny Lillis of South Carolina Awareness and Rescue for Equines Inc. (SCARE) for her tireless efforts in helping those, who can’t help themselves and for alerting Rescue Organizations about the pleas of countless cats + dogs waiting to be transfered from Humane Societies.

Cheryl H. of Pendleton, SC
for giving little “Bully” a new and happy future.

John B., Piedmont, SC
for a desperately needed, generous donation to the Rescue Shelter.

Jennifer S., SC
for her extremely generous donation.

a greatly appreciated monetary gift from a supporter, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Virginia L.,
for a very generous monetary gift

Mary DeR.,
for sending a large monetary gift to support our Mission.

Patrick McE., Michigan,
for sending an extremely generous monetary donatio.

Jerry S.,
for a much needed monetary gift.

Terry H., Florida
for a much needed monetary donation.