Urgent Help Needed!

TROUBLE - Urgent Help Needed


This is Trouble.  He is an 8-year old Pit Bull who spent his entire life on a chain until he was turned over to us.  He has cataracts in both eyes and as a result is blind.  He has an infected prostrate and urinary tract infection which are currently being treated.

In addition, he has tested positive for heart worms and has started treatment.  However, he needs additional shots for the heart worm treatment.

Our goal is to get him clear of the heart worms and to get his cataracts operated on.



Lion - Urgent Help Needed



This is Lion, who has also has tested positive for heart worms and we need to raise money for his  treatment.  We hope to get his treatments started in April, 2016, but need financial help to accomplish this.


Treatment for heart worms is very expensive and we have had four animals test positive this year.  If left untreated, heart worms can cause cardiac arrest which is very painful.


Urgent help needed to treat these two dogs.  If you would like to donate money for the care and treatment of these two wonderful animals, please click on  “Donations” on the home page.

Thank you and God Bless!