Pet Haven of South Carolina
501c-3 Est 2008
Animal Rescue & Adoption Service

A public, nonprofit, federally-recognized organization,
working to give homeless and neglected animals
the life they deserve.


Got Questions?
Got Questions?  Grrreat! We've got answers.
Grrreat! We've got answers.

Kindly Note- we are not a shelter for owner-surrendered pets.

We DO :

Rescue - In  |  Adopt - Out


Adopt - In  |  Adopt - Out

Who We Are

For over 20 years, Charlie Dieterich has taken helpless and hopeless animals, under his wings.

The time he has devoted to saving animals, far exceeds the capacity for most to really understand, much less believe.

“We", is not a large group of people, with infinite time and resources.

We, is Charlie – with the help of his wife, Gina, and his assistant, Robin.

Charlie has consistently and persistently sacrificed his time and resources, for the sake of animals. Every single day, for decades.

Charlie deserves a world of credit and support... but he won't even mention it, unless he is asked to. (like Here)

“And why should I believe this?" 

I think it is vital to address that question, as there was a time that I myself doubted.  It is natural to be skeptical of anything or anyone, that has a "donate" button.  Hey, the bad apples of the world have made us that way.

"How can I be certain of the legitimacy of Pet Haven?"

I'm so glad you asked!  With one simple phone call.


You can even the # click to call, if you're on a mobile phone.

That is the number to the Wade Hampton Veterinarian Clinic, (the vet Charlie takes his rescues to). 

Ask them something like, “About how many receipts for animal treatments, has SC Pet Haven had over the last few years.  Ten? Fifty? Over a hundred?”.

Far be it for me to ruin a good surprise.  I encourage you to ask, but do yourself a favor... sit down first

People like Charlie, they notice injustices and needs - and they do something about it. 

Charlie has dedicated his time, his resources, his home, and his life - to the needs of animals. 

If SC Pet Haven doesn't deserve the community's trust and support... I truly do not know who does.

“Who are YOU, anyway?" 

I built the site - the moment my doubts were erased, and I can only hope it helps SC Pet Haven, as the other part of the truth I now know is... they (which includes the animals) most definitely need it. 

~ JD

What We Do

Charlie uses a trapping system, to cage animals - near restaurant dumpsters in alleyways, where homeless animals tend to seek food.

While the word "trapping", at first, may sound inhumane, the truth is entirely the opposite. 

Charlie doesn't capture to kill, he captures to care

Pet Haven ensures each dog or cat, without exception, is provided the following:

• prompt medical evaluation, vaccinations and all needed treatment from a licensed and certified veterinarian

• nourishment and ongoing practical care and shelter from the outdoors

• love, affection, attention, and socialization a clean bill of health and temperament, prior to being placed on our Current Adoptable Pets page

What We Do NOT Do

• We do not take owner surrendered animals, as this is not listed in our charter

• If it has to do with abuse, whether physical or psychological... yeah, we don't do that 

• Leave animals outside and/or unattended - even when they're going to potty, they are watched. Of course, if they are embarrassed we will give them privacy, but that has not happened yet

When We Do It

That's a simple one:

consistently and persistently

all the time...

especially when it rains.

Where We Do It

Greenville, SC

Why We Do It

"Greenville City Ordinance Code, Section 4-41 (d) -

d) An impounded animal which remains unclaimed by an owner or keeper after five business days, shall be deemed abandoned and shall automatically and irrevocably become the sole property of the city to convey, devise or dispose of by euthanasia...."

Are you familiar with, "The Final Solution"?  While may not think so, you probably are.  Google it, and you will understand why we do it, and why that is referenced here.

Of course, we Googled it for you, if you'd rather just click here - The Final Solution

Photo By Lauren Petracca - The Greenville News
Charlie Dieterich

Charlie and his wife, Gina, have been the hearts and hands, of every rescue of SC Pet Haven.

To date, that is over
three thousand
dogs and cats.  

Pet Haven Statistics 2020 & 2021

Completed Adoptions


Cats *Treated


Completed Adoptions


Cats *Treated


  • "Completed Adoptions"

    Animals rescued, treated, vaccinated, and paired with new loving parents & homes.

  • "Treated" Cats

    Cats that are captured, treated for fleas, ticks, worms, intestinal parasites, spayed/neutered, then released back into their colony.

100% of contributions go directly to animal rescue expenses.

All donations are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our organization is dedicated to:


• preventing cruelty to animals
• relieving their suffering
• providing them humane treatment
• strengthening the bond & understanding between animals and humans


Read more on our Who We Are page.

• 56% of Dogs and 71% of Cats that enter Animal Shelters are Euthanized
• 800 Dogs and Cats are Euthanized
Every Hour in the United States

- Please Spay or Neuter Your Pet -

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