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Piper loving her life with her new mom! She gets unlimited cuddles and all the toys and treats she wants!


Leo was part of a feral colony. He had many struggles but found his human and is living the best life possible with his dad!


Anastasia and Delilah, now Annie and Peanut, love their mom and dad and are so happy that they get to stay together! They have all the toys and love they deserve!


Albus was a feral kitten that could not be touched when we got him. Now thanks to his mom and dad for giving him a chance, he is so loving and has the best life ever!

petey adopted

Profit, formally Petey, had lived his entire life outside in a small pen. He was covered in fleas and lonely. Now he is getting spoiled rotten by his new mom and such a happy boy!

jade and jamie

Jade and Jamie are siblings that were found in a junkyard. They have since been adopted and are loving life with their new family!

zeus - adoption

Boots, formally Zeus, came to us after owners were traveling to relocate cross country and could no longer care for him. Now he is loving life and living it to the fullest with his new doggo sibling! He also has two human siblings that he loves and adores!

Teddy nka Draven

Draven, formally Teddy, was found alone, sick and soaking wet in the middle of the road. We treated him and now he gets unlimited snuggles and all the loving he could possibly want from his new humans!

marcus adoption

Lucas, formally Marcus, was a very scared feral kitten when he came to us. Now he is a sweet and playful lover boy who can't stop smiling and gets all the cuddles, toys, and love he could ever need!


Margaret and Benjamin lost their mother when she was hit by a car. They are now living it up with unlimited toys, snuggles, and love at their new home!


Blossom, now Mazie, came to us very scared. After working with her for a few weeks she finally started to trust us! She was adopted and is loving her life with her new humans!

lilac adopted

Lilac, now Lyla, was found with her three siblings after their mother got lost. She came to us and was then adopted where she gets to spend all day getting love from her new humans!


Lavender, now Roxanne, is loving her new home with all the toys she could ask for! She loves her new mom and they have quickly become best friends!


Monty was found running down a main road. He was thin, scared, and alone. We scooped him up, got him healthy and fully vetted. He is now loving his new life with his new two tiny best friends!


Pirate Pete came to us as a feral cat that we could not touch. He had a ruptured eye that was causing him a lot of pain. We got him to our vet and they were able to remove his eye and take away his pain! Once his pain was gone, he became such a lover! He is now one happy boy in his new home!

skylar home

Skylar is a baby that came to us with her brother. She was very skinny, very sick, and almost hairless. She was adopted by her foster and is now living without a care in the world!

jacob home

Jacob came to us feral and terrified of everything. After some time and a lot of patience, he was adopted and found out that he loves catnip and that toys and humans aren't so bad! He loves his new family and is enjoying life!


Scotch was found almost dead, covered in fleas, and for the first few days we did not know if he was going to make it. We bottle fed him and got him healthy and spoiled. He is now adopted and rules his house with his new human siblings!

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